Coffees Guru Blend is a combination of the best types of Arabica from 3 continents: South America, Africa and Asia, which we have combined for a long time in various compositions to finally achieve a perfectly balanced taste and aroma, perfect for every coffee lover for his everyday's cup.

If you are just starting your adventure with high-quality coffee, you are not sure which origin or type of roasting will be best for you - Coffee Guru Blend will be perfect to discover the world of fresh roasted coffee!

Coffee Guru - who is he? is the URL of an expert blog devoted entirely to coffee and everything related to it. Coffee GURU is also the pseudonym of Michael Socha - the author of this blog and the founder of the Single Origin Coffee Roastery.

This uncompromising nickname is not a buncombe - he has many years of coffee experience behind it - experimenting, tasting coffees from hundreds plantations around the world, testing coffee machines and other coffee brewing devices and learning about everything related to coffee.

Michael roasted his first coffee in the age of 19 and totally falled in coffee. Since then, he roasts every single day for his clients around the world - customers, coffee shops, offices and private lables.

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Why should you

taste the Coffees Guru Blend?

Roasted on demand in Single Origin roastery - the freshest as possible!

Dedicated valve removes natural gases emitted by the beans and does not let the outside air into the inside of the package

Sophisticated bag keeps the aroma and taste for a longer time

Perfect for those who starts with TOP quality coffee

Perfectly balanced flavor and aroma

100% Arabica scored over 82 SCA points

Combination of 3 highest quality beans from America, Africa and Asia

Starting from 3,93 €

Available only in Single Origin!